• Based in traditional physical therapy, Tracy Blum, PT, offers an expansive hands-on manual approach to body healing. Through continued learning, training, and practice, she has mastered many well known techniques and approaches that are not common in today's traditional physical therapy model. Over the past several years, I have referred many now grateful patients to her for care; and I too am one of those grateful patients. –Carlos Prietto, Orthopaedic Surgeon

  • Tracy is one of those special people who has what I like to call "a glow" around them. It's an energy she gives off that tells you she's doing exactly what she was put on Earth to do. Sure she's passionate about her craft and is constantly learning and striving to be better, but it's her intuitive nature that really sets her apart. She simply has an innate sense of what my issue might be and what to do to help assuage my pain. She's helped me greatly over the years physically and emotionally. –Mike Smith

  • Tracy is a very caring therapist. She helped me run again when I thought my knee pain would never cease. She truly has a healing touch, and I hope other patients can benefit from her knowledge and care as much as I have over the years.–Shalizeh Shokooh, MD

  • Tracy has an incredible gift. Her ability to combine traditional physical therapy techniques with advanced and specialized craniosacral and fascial releases provides patients with a unique approach. Even those who have "failed" traditional therapies often see improvements in their symptoms. I have referred many of my most complex and challenging patients who are frustrated with their progress. I have always felt confident that Tracy would be able to aid in their recovery. My family and I are also grateful patients. –Robert Grumet, MD Team Physician, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

  • Thanks to you, Tracy! –Sierra Heuermann¬†Singer,Actor, Dancer

  • Tracy has been an indispensable resource to my family over the last 15+ years. She has helped all five members of our family (including our beloved senior dog) through a wide variety of injuries and ailments. When the kids fall and whack their heads, jaws, legs, etc..., Tracy is the person we see right after the pediatrician. She knows exactly what to do to relieve their pain and prevent further complications down the road. My two preschoolers love visiting her office, and she handles them with skill and ease.

    Most recently, Tracy has been a wonderful resource to me while I recover from a back injury. A slipped disc and a major muscle strain threatened to put this Mama on the sidelines for way too long. Tracy has been instrumental in my recovery; working with me alongside the more traditional physical therapists who stretch my sore muscles and work to strengthen them. It's amazing, but not surprising, that when they seem at a loss for why something is still not working right or improving as one would expect, Tracy seems to find the culprit and have a plan right away. Thanks to this "team approach," I'm nearly back to normal.

    Tracy is an excellent listener and is always pleasant to be around. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the body and often mentions new techniques she is learning. I would recommend Tracy highly to anyone of any age or species. She is someone who will forever be on our speed dial for whatever surprises come our way! Thanks, Tracy, for all you do!– Jill Hageman

  • Skill. Knowledge. Compassion. Intuition. Tracy Blum, PT has that rare combination of qualities that make her a special kind of healthcare provider. Tracy has treated me for a variety of issues over many years. I invariably emerge from each session with not just physical relief, but a greater sense of emotional well-being. I feel blessed to call her my physical therapist and never hesitate to refer her to others. –Rob Wagner